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Muster 2018 

The 2018 Anstruther Muster will be held on 28-29 July - this is a change of date from the June date that has been in the FYCA calendar. The Muster is now organised by the Anstruther Harbour Festival Trust and details of the Festival are on http://www.anstrutherharbourfestival.co.uk

Mothballing of ASC 

Anstruther Sailing Club has been mothballed, i.e. its activities have been suspended.  
This follows ASC’s Annual General Meeting on 6 December 2017 where the ASC committee retired, each having served more than 10 years, and no members were proposed to replace them, despite notice being given to members ahead of the AGM. The AGM was therefore adjourned until such time as sufficient individuals are willing to come forward to act as committee members
In the interim a reduced version of the website will be retained, and the club’s bank account with residual ASC funds will remain active to cover website and incidental costs. For this interim period Bill Kennaway will deal with the website and any correspondence and Ken Lawson will continue to deal with the Club's finances.
In addition the following decisions were taken at the ASC Annual General Meeting :
1. Craning of boats : ASC will no longer organise this activity. This has become necessary due to the losses being incurred because of ASC’s need to hold insurance cover solely for its involvement in the craning. Berthholders will therefore be responsible for organising their own craning direct with the crane hire firm, and for liaising with the harbourmaster
2. Anstruther Muster and Classic Boat Rally : ASC has transferred the running of these events and the associated trophies to the Anstruther Harbour Festival Trust (AHFT). This reflects the way in which most of the funding and organisation for the Muster and Rally has been undertaken by AHFT over the last few years
3. Donations to local chartable bodies : it was agreed at the AGM to donate £1000 to the Fisheries Museum Boats Club for its Reaper restoration, and £2000 to Anstruther Harbour Festival Trust to support future Musters

Annual General Meeting  - ASC's AGM was held on 6 December 20167 

Anstruther Harbour Forum  Following an ASC initiative, agreement has been reached with other organisations with an interest in Anstruther Harbour over the setting up a Forum for the harbour. The purpose of the Forum is to enable dialogue amongst those with an interest in the harbour and with Fife Harbours and Tourism Depts. The first meeting of the Forum was held on 18 January - Alex Gardner was elected as Chairman and Bill Kennaway as Secretary.
The Forum has already had a meeting with  the developer of the proposed rum distillery/ visitor centre on the site of the harbourmasters office. The scheme includes promising ideas for harbour users, but progreas is dependent on discussions with Fife Council on site ownership, and on funding.
The Forum is in communication with Fife Harbours on the issue of increased harbours dues as a result of cuts in Council budgets (with the possibility of substantial increases over inflation) and on deferment of dredging. A further Forum meeting will be arranged when more information becomes available from Fife Harbours.



Anstruther Sailing Club was established to promote boating activity in Anstruther's famous old fishing harbour, which was converted in the 1990’s principally to leisure use and now has over 100 pontoon berths. The Club’s activities include :

  • Sporting and social association for anyone with an interest in boating in the East Neuk
  • Representing interests of Anstruther harbour users
  • Cruising the attractive coastline and harbours of the Forth and Tay estuaries, and expeditions to the West Coast and Northern Isles
  • Holding club races and joint boating events with other Forth yacht and boating clubs, including the East Neuk’s local rowing clubs
  • Hosting the annual Anstruther Muster - the biggest gathering of yachts on the east coast, and an increasingly important summer event for the community of Anstruther and the East Neuk
  • Organising the East of Scotland Boat Jumble, held at the same time as the Muster
  • Member of Forth Yacht Clubs Association http://www.fyca.org.uk/ and Royal Yachting Association http://www.rya.org.uk/Pages/Home.aspx