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Crane in & out

Anstruther Sailing Club (ASC) organises the Annual Crane-in and out of Boats in the Harbour, and dates are shown in ASC’s Events Calendar webpage.

All actual work in preparing, controlling boat during the lift must be carried out by the Boat owner or representative and their helpers. Please ensure that there is sufficient and suitable rope to control the boat during the lift. Overall Control will be by the Club ‘Banksman’ in Charge.

To help the operation run smoothly and to ensure the safety of all persons and boats involved, boat owners, prior to lift, must:-

  • Be either full or temporary members of Anstruther Sailing Club – Cost of Temporary membership for Day is £5.00.
  • Hold valid Boat Insurance which has a Public Liability for their boat of at least £2million.
  • Provide payment – charges for lifts will be advised on the day and will depend on crane company and ASC insurance costs
  • Have all masts, other gear, control ropes and trailers/cradles etc ready when their turn comes
  • Complete an ASC Waiver form, as item 3 below. Click to download ASC Waiver form.

As regards insurance, damage claims etc the following points must be understood by the owner of the boat or his agent:

  1. the mobile crane has been hired by ASC under the Plant Hire Industry’s “Model CPA Contract Hire Terms”. This means that the Owner of the Crane is not responsible for any damage to boats arising during the lifts.
  2. ASC’s insurance does not cover any damage arising to members’ boats during the lifts.
  3. waive any right to make a claim against the ASC or the Crane Owner arising from damage to the boat before, during or after the lift, however caused.

Additional crane hire costs incurred by ASC due to delays caused by boatwners’ failure to have boat or equipment ready to lift will be charged to the boatowner at the hourly cost levied by the crane hirer.

For more information please contact ASC Commodore Cairns Birrell on 01333 313492 or via commodore@anstruthersailingclub.org.uk